ProCreate Price Increase (Update)


As of Sept 1, 2022, the MSRP of ProCreate will be $15.00 ($-USA).

We regret the price increase but the increase in the cost of raw materials make it necessary. Once again,we did our best to keep the cost down, but many issues have forced us to take this action.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Tim Mayer.

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I'm a full-time business owner, tax payer and self-appointed expert on obscure movies. Available for lectures. Donations appreciated

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Christian Diaz
3 years ago

You gotta do what you gotta do brother. As long as it keeps the product coming, is all good.

Scott Clark
Scott Clark
2 years ago

Was coming here to find a contact address and ask about the prices. I do my large art sculpts exclusively with Procreate and this price increase is going to prevent that. Only using one or two units is no big deal but, I’m using in excess of 15 – 30+ units for these sculpts! I’m about to start sculpting on guitar bodies and doing much larger pieces but I can’t afford it at these prices! I was wanting to inquire about possibly getting the price back down to where it was before if I bought in “bulk”… Any help or suggestions would be monumentally appreciated!!!